Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Gate of Amen-Ekot #TrailOfCthulhu

They say (but you know the sort of thing They say) that the much reviled sorcerer of the lower Nile, Amen-Ekot boasted that he could never be truly slain by his many enemies because he had entrusted his vital essence to a safer place than "any vault of all too perishable carrion meat" as he charmingly referred to his own body.

His enemies decided that they'd take the risk and slew him, cutting his perishable carrion meat into exactly forty one pieces, each one of which was burned seperately.

None of them were happy to hear reports of his reappearance less than a month later.

It transpired that the fellow had found a way to paint his likeness, or his symbolic likeness at any rate (since in reality he did not have the head of a blasphemously disfigured ibis) into the hieroglyphs and frescoes of a local shrine.   They beady eye of that foul painting could captivate the viewer and by an act of will (that will being often overborne by the sorcerer's dread intent) could draw the painted essence of the sorcerer forth again as whole as he was (and bearing the memories up to the point) when the image was created.

They say (but you know the sort of thing They say) that the Gate works both ways as Gates are wont to do and that if he had chosen, Amen-Ekot could instead draw in a hapless viewer whose symbolic image would appear alongside that of the cruel magician and in that strange nether-realm of which the painted frescoes were but a representation, he could interrogate or consume his captive.

It is to be hoped that all the representations of Amen-Ekot were destroyed in the weeks and months after that first dreadful resurrection.   It is to be hoped that his writings were all destroyed and that no remnant exists of the instructions for this damned ritual.

On an unrelated* note I've always liked this video from A-Ha, even though the song itself is the usual banal nonsense.

* Not Really.

Monday, August 8, 2016

"You don't need two hands to hold a severed head." - #NightsBlackAgents

"You don't need two hands to hold a severed head."

Not an actual depiction of events
Hans is more Swedish and better dressed

You know that the session of Night's Black Agents has taken a dark turn when one of the player characters muses aloud along those lines.

Last night's session ended up with Hans losing enough Stability to be Shattered for the first time anyone's hit that state in the campaign after witnessing someone who they thought was a potential ally massacring a group of innocent bystanders at a barbecue, just after an encounter with the revived corpse of someone Rowan had killed in cold blood in a previous session (the former owner of the aforementioned severed head) and a furious thespian vampire who had just ripped out Rowan's throat (she'll live - barely) following Rowan's taunts about her being second rate.

If things needed to go further south, Hans was having flashbacks to a mission gone wrong in Belarus as he drove to the safehouse where their friendly medic lives and recalled in vivid detail the time he had to shoot his way past a police roadblock.

When he reached the safehouse in a slightly more stable frame of mind he realised his pistol had been recently fired...